Housing First Volunteer Opportunities

There are a number of ways to volunteer!

Volunteers are vital to our work in the community. They are the friendly faces who enhance the quality of community and opportunities!

You can help by relieving isolation for our newly-housed tenants with friendly visits; running cooking or art classes; welcoming moms and their children to your groups; volunteering with existing organizations; hosting a movie night or games night; organizing an event or fundraising activity (garage sale, dinner party, raffle, etc.); donating move-in items like kitchen items or chairs and couches; providing in-kind professional services (legal, graphic design, haircuts, meal planning); and so much more. There really is a number of ways interested people can help build a better community.

Contact us to let us know of your interest and we'd be happy to discuss further!

Individuals make a difference in our community and our quest to reduce and end homelessness. Here are some ideas for "everyday people" to help end homelessness in our community.

  • Volunteer and contribute to the work of many of the partner organizations who work to assist people who are currently homeless or at risk of losing their housing.
  • Search for ideas on how individuals from other communities are getting involved and making a difference.
  • Participate in creating a social outing like bingo or a games night.
  • Invite speakers on homelessness to meetings of your local school council, religious group, union or business.
  • Organize a fundraising activity like a dinner party, garage sale or other idea.
  • Donate items new tenants may need for their apartment. Kitchen items, furniture or other household necessities are always helpful.


Landlords are a vital part of our efforts to end homelessness in Brandon!

Click here to find out more about the Housing First Landlord Support Program.

Call our toll-free line at 1-844-937-8622 and we'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Already a Housing First Landlord? Help spread the word among other landlords, and we'd love to get your feedback for use in a testimonial.


Brandon's business community has always shown a keen interest in the well-being of our community! There are a number of in-kind services Housing First would benefit from.

Periodically, we also schedule construction workdays that include everyone who wants to help - from the most experienced to those of us who could use a bit more practice.

Contact us if interested in knowing more about how you can participate.

4Community Groups

Community groups (organized groups, faith communities, aboriginal events) are very important for people looking for opportunities to participate and belong.

We certainly welcome inquiries from your group(s) on partnering with Housing first. Contact us and we'll be in touch.