Coordinated Access

Brandon's "No Wrong Door" Approach

Working Together

Many of Brandon's organizations are choosing to work together to ensure that regardless of where a person seeks assistance, they have the same access to the appropriate resources and supports.

Generally speaking, most service providers have strengths in certain areas. By coordinating access AND supports, individuals needing assistance can receive a well-rounded support system from a variety or organizations working together. This has been demonstrated to help people move forward and save money and resources. This coordinated access approach produces a number of benefits, including:

  • Ensures people aren't missing needed supports,
  • Empowers service providers to share strengths,
  • Prevents duplication or misuse of services, and
  • Provides the quickest path to self-sufficiency and ending homelessness.

Contact Any Of These Groups to Start

The network of Service Providers in Brandon is continuously developing. The list of organizations provided here would be happy to hear from you. They will help you get started directly, or bring someone in to connect with you. Or simply call 1-844-937-8622 to begin.