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    In what location do you typically see the person? Please be as specific as possible, keeping in mind that your details will make a difference in our ability to find the person you are referring *

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    Example: Caucasian female, probably between 30-45 years old, has short blonde hair. Was wearing a green sweatshirt.

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    Example: I see him a few times a week during the weekday, usually between 5-6 PM. I started noticing him at this location in February.

    Please provide the person's name if you know it.

    We are requesting the following information in case we need to follow up with you about your referral.

    Thank-you for caring and submitting this form. We will not expose your name or details! Contact us if you have additional questions, but in order to protect confidentiality it is unlikely we will be able to provide more information about our interaction with the individual.

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    If there is someone you know who is living on the street that you believe is chronically homeless and would like for them to be visited by a street outreach team, please let us know.

    Or, they may be encouraged to stop by any of the organizations listed on the Coordinated Access page.